WHAT IS Primadek?

PrimaDek™ is a premium marine peel-and-stick flooring product designed for boats and watercraft. It's made from high-quality closed-cell PE/EVA foam, engineered to provide a non-skid surface for enhanced safety and comfort on board.

PrimaDek™ is known for its durability, resistance to UV rays and saltwater, and ease of maintenance, making it a popular choice for boat owners looking to upgrade their vessel's flooring.

Whether you're into fishing, cruising, or water sports, PrimaDek™ is a reliable and stylish solution to enhance your boating experience.

Pressure sensitive

We use 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive, a mark of strength and endurance in the industry. This adhesive ensures that PrimaDek™ stays securely in place on any surface, even under challenging conditions.

The use of 3M adhesive not only prolongs PrimaDek's life but also simplifies installation.

This underscores our commitment to providing boat owners with a marine flooring that is not only stylish and comfortable but also robust enough to endure years of use in demanding marine environments. With PrimaDek™, your boat's deck is anchored in the strength of 3M adhesive, assuring years of an extraordinary boating experiences.

Key benefits of Primadek

  • UV Tested

  • Safe Anti-Slip material

  • Unlimited Patterns and designs

  • Multiple Colour options

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to Clean

  • Non Absorbent

  • Quick to Install

  • DIY Options Available

  • Shock Absorbing

  • Noise Reducing

Ask your supplier about ALFA line of products, to keep your deck looking fresh.