Join the PrimaDek™ Team: Become a PrimaDek™ Fabricator/Installer

Are you passionate about boats and marine craftsmanship? Do you take pride in delivering exceptional quality and style? If so, consider becoming a PrimaDek Fabricator/Installer and join our network of skilled professionals dedicated to elevating the boating experience.

Who We Are:

PrimaDek™ is a trusted name in marine flooring, known for our commitment to safety, durability, and style. Our premium marine flooring solutions have graced the decks of boats and watercraft for over a decade, providing boat owners with a reliable, non-skid surface that enhances their on-water adventures.

Why Join the PrimaDek™ Network:

  • Quality Products: As a PrimaDek™ Fabricator/Installer, you’ll have access to our high-quality marine flooring materials. You can confidently offer boat owners a product that’s renowned for its exceptional performance and style.

  • Support and Training: We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to install PrimaDek™ products with precision.

  • Customization: PrimaDek™ offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to cater to the unique style preferences of boat owners.

  • Business Opportunities: Joining our network opens up new business opportunities in the marine industry. You can cater to boat owners looking to upgrade their vessel’s flooring.

Becoming a PrimaDek™ Fabricator/Installer:

Reach Out: Contact us to express your interest in becoming a PrimaDek™ Fabricator/Installer.

Training: You’ll undergo comprehensive training in the installation of PrimaDek™ marine flooring products.

Quality Assurance: We’ll work with you to ensure your installations meet our high-quality standards.

Business Setup: Establish your business as a certified PrimaDek™ Fabricator/Installer, and you’ll be ready to offer your services to boat owners.


  • Professional Credibility: As a certified PrimaDek™ Fabricator/Installer, you gain credibility in the marine industry and among boat owners.

  • Business Growth: Joining our network can lead to increased business opportunities and growth.

  • Support Network: You become part of a network of professionals who share your dedication to delivering excellence in marine craftsmanship.

  • Satisfaction: Installing PrimaDek™ marine flooring is not just a service; it’s a satisfaction guarantee for boat owners.

If you’re ready to take your marine craftsmanship to the next level and join a network of skilled professionals, get in touch with PrimaDek™ today. Together, we’ll make every moment aboard extraordinary.